Huskers sweep Michigan in VBall…some pix

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York College men at Concordia in photos

York College Panthers vs. Concordia in Seward


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Husker women in action…hoops and volleyball

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Columbus High School presents ‘Pippin’

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Up close hoops with the Husker men

Husker men vs. Southwest Minnesota State

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A dash of this … A dab of that

A number of small topics have been on what few leavings remain of my mind. Let’s shove off from the dock and see where we drift.

• I wonder if you know there will be a terrific football game Tuesday night and it’s right smack in your backyard.

The Heartland Huskies will host Bruning-Davenport-Shickley (and assorted other burgs that didn’t make their district’s acronym cut) for a quarterfinal playoff contest. If you like great small town football – and who doesn’t? – this one’s for you.

The Huskies of Coach Erik Wetjen are 10-0 and have already plowed under their first two playoff opponents by a combined score of 148-36.

Scores for the Huskies’ regular season wins were 66-zip, 60-28, 50-32, 82-36, 50-34, 66-14, 82-16 and 80-20. Since then in the Class D1 playoffs these kids have defeated Lourdes Central Catholic at home (74-6) and Clarkson-Leigh on the road (74-30).

Folks this is a high-powered squad that’s an absolute hoot to watch. They score from anywhere, have athleticism, size and speed to burn, a decidedly nasty approach to defense and are very well coached.

As this is written the long-term forecast is for a chilly evening Tuesday. What the heck? Bundle up and go anyway. You won’t be disappointed in this crew of Huskies. I can’t guarantee they’ll win, but you will see a show worthy of the trip and the ticket price. I can and do promise you that.

• Also as this is written, we’re down to one possible qualifier for state volleyball, the Class D2 Exeter-Milligan Timberwolves … who else? Coach Darcy White probably keeps a change of clothes, a toothbrush and a sandwich at the state tournament, so frequently has her coaching and several years worth of players’ hard work and talent taken the T-Wolves to state.

First, though, they have to have won their district final last night at Norris against Johnson-Brock.

So here’s a belated, but no-less enthusiastic, “Go! Fight! Hope you won!”


• Speaking of state volleyball, the tournament has returned to Lincoln now that the Pinnacle Bank Arena and Devaney Center have become available.

Thursday, Nov. 13 the first round is played at Pinnacle Bank Arena (Classes A and B), Lincoln North Star (Class C1), Lincoln Southwest (Class C2), Lincoln Northeast (Class D1) and Lincoln Southeast (Class D2). Friday’s semifinals in all classes will play out on two courts at the PBA. All six championship matches are Saturday, Nov. 15 at the Devaney Center, the beating heart of Husker volleyball. Third place matches that Saturday will be headed for Lincoln East.


• One more for the road.

And in this case ‘the road’ is literal as in a trip to Lincoln this evening (Thursday) where I’ll trot out my credential and have a seat under the hoop for Husker men’s basketball.

I mention this not to make you feel jealous or deprived, but rather to work in a plug for giving NU basketball a look-see. Makes no difference if it’s the men or the women. Both teams are terrific and the Pinnacle Bank Arena is spectacular every time. Same for the surrounding Haymarket area.

Not that I’m one to pull a cork, but I have it on good authority there are some fine watering holes and feed bunkers in the blocks around the PBA.

Steve says, “Check it out!”

You’re welcome.

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