Big changes afoot (maybe)

I haven’t updated for the past couple of days due to facing the very real possibility that my life is about to take a major left turn.

Several years ago, as I was nearing graduation from college with my Computer Technology degree, I did my internship in the IT Department at the local hospital. It was a really fun experience and I learned quite a bit just by getting the hands-on skill. The folks working there really knew their stuff and were more than willing to share their knowledge.

After the internship ended, I wound up getting a job at a software development company in Lincoln. It was good work, but things were happening in my personal life that made the commute absolutely unbearable. I left and took a job at the York News-Times, where I’ve been for over nine years now.

A few weeks ago I was told that there was an opening in the IT Department at the hospital, and was encouraged to apply, so I submitted my resume.

I was called in for an interview with the IT Director and Assistant Director, then called back to interview with the rest of the IT team. To be honest, I had my doubts about how well those interviews went. My technical skills are very rusty and I’m definitely behind the times. As far as practical, hands-on experience, I know I have a lot of catching up to do.

Still, they saw something they liked and offered me the job. Not wanting to rush into such a huge decision, I took a day to think about it. I weighed the pros and cons of both jobs, talked to a couple people about it, and then decided to take the new job.

Not only does it give me the chance to get back into IT, but I’ll be working in an environment where the technology is some pretty leading-edge stuff. It’s going to take some time to get caught back up, but I know I’ll get there.

The reason for the (maybe) in the title is because I still have to pass all of the pre-employment checks, so who knows what all will happen. Something could come up that might disqualify me, although I can’t think of any reason what it could be. However, I’ve learned to not count things before they spawn.

So, because of all of this, my whole Health Challenge has taken a back seat. I haven’t worked out the past couple of days and, while not totally horrible, my nutrition has taken a bit of a hit. Plus, spending so much time either talking to people (and thank you for the calls and texts with words of support and encouragement!) or trying to get things ready for the transition, I just haven’t had time to post the daily updates.

I do apologize for that and I’m hoping to have get back to the updates tomorrow. The Health Challenge is nearing the end (the same week that I’ll (hopefully) start my new job), so here’s to at least trying to finish strong!

Health Challenge – Day 53

It was an…interesting…day. Lots of things going on and happening, and that caused me to stress eat a little bit. Okay, so it was only two Twinkies, but still.

I didn’t get legs done. Again, lots of things happening and I just couldn’t get my mind right. Plus, the sugar load from the Twinkies really threw me off. I did get cardio in, so at least something was done. Hopefully I can regain my focus and get some lifting done tonight.

Food log

Getting closer to the end, so keep pushing!

Health Challenge – Day 52

Today was supposed to be leg day, but a lengthy doctor’s visit with one daughter, almost immediately followed by the York High School Band Festival Concert, meant that the evening was well packed. And really, family should always be a top priority.

Although I do make time as much as possible for health and fitness, sometimes they have to take a back seat for other, more important, things.

That being said, I did get in my twenty minutes later in the evening. So at least the cardio was done both morning and evening. I’ll shoot for getting legs done tomorrow.

Food log

Keep pushing for your goals!

Health Challenge – Day 51

Bit of an interesting day, as things didn’t quite go according to plan. That being said, they didn’t go horribly wrong, either. There just had to be some adjustments throughout the day.

It started off with me oversleeping. I forgot to set my alarm so I could get up and do the early morning cardio, so I slept in a bit. Usually I will still wake up early enough, but apparently I was more worn out than I thought. I also slept well past the usual breakfast time, so that was pushed back as well.

Since the upper body workout got skipped, the plan was to do that later in the morning, with the lower body workout done in the evening. The upper body workout got done as it should have (and it felt really good, even though the lat pull-downs still need a lot of work). In the afternoon, I attended a play at the local community theater, followed by dinner, so the evening workout got set aside.

The plan now is to just move everything back a day.


Speaking of dinner, I ordered pizza for delivery for everyone else in the house. For me, it was one of my prepared meals. I did try one of the wings and half of one of the dessert sticks, just because I hadn’t ever tried either of them before, but I stayed away from everything else, even the pizza.

Somehow, by some weird happenstance, the calories hit my daily goal exactly. Kind of weird to see that.

Food log

Lower body tomorrow, so let’s work those legs!

Health Challenge – Day 49 and 50

Since yesterday was a rest day, there wasn’t anything to post or report. Because of that, today is a double post.

Today was supposed to be an upper body workout, but things came up that slightly derailed that plan. I did do cardio in the morning and evening, so at least that was done. I’ll move things around a little and get the workout in tomorrow. I’ll either do the upper workout in the morning and the lower in the evening, or push everything back one day for the rest of the week.

The weigh-in was this morning and, as expected, it wasn’t good. The weight was up several pounds, although I suspect it’s mostly water retention and the carb overload. Hopefully by next weigh-in it’ll be back to normal – or even below where it was. Only time will tell.

Food log

Food log

Check back tomorrow for how the workout (or workouts) went!

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