Wednesday night gaming – 12-17-2014

After the utter humiliation suffered at the hands, and teeth, of the zombie hordes last week, it was decided that we were going to try that same scenario from Zombicide. And this time, we were coming well-prepared. We were going in with six of us. Six survivors against the relentless onslaught of the restless dead.

A new player was at the table this week (welcome, Mary!), so a quick review of the rules was in order. She caught on quick and we launched into the “Axes and Alleys” scenario once again.

Things started out really well for us, even more so than our previous plays. When we popped open the first door, there weren’t that many zombies inside for us to deal with. We got inside, did some quick searching, and found plenty of weapons. We also found the Canned Food, Bag of Rice and Water that we needed in order to complete the mission.

With that building cleared out, we moved to the next one. Even though there were Fatties and plenty of Walkers, we had the right weapons to dispatch them without any trouble.

Two buildings down, three to go.

By this time we were spawning zombies in the yellow zone, so mobs started forming as they closed in on us. Somehow we managed to have the right people in the right places with the right weapons and easily handled them. Even the Abomination showing up did little to slow us as we already had the Molotov Cocktail ready to use.

The third building was quickly cleared and we faced a decision: move through the building to the back door or head around the corner. Either way were were looking at quite a few zombies, so the question was which way posed the greatest threat.

After quite a bit of discussion, we opted to head around the corner. Of course, this was decided after I had moved into the building because I thought we were heading out the back door. (Thanks, guys!)

However, it turned out to be a good thing as the rest of the group moved to the fourth building, cleared out the zombies, retrieved the fourth objective, and headed for the back door of that building.

It’s looking good for us!

I was standing at an intersection by this time, along with a couple other survivors, so we headed towards the EXIT.

The last building to be cleared was right next to the EXIT, so we all met up there, kicked the door in (“like a boss!”….yeah, not saying that again) and took care of the Runners that spawned inside. The last objective was picked up and we casually sauntered off, our supplies – and, more importantly, our entire group – intact.

End game
We win!

It’s a challenging mission, but with the right group and a bit of luck, we finally defeated it. This is definitely one of the group’s favorite games, so I think it’s about time to finally crack the seal on Zombicide: Prison Outbreak.

Or, perhaps it’s time to branch off to some other games. I have both Scoville and Letters From Whitechapel on the way. One of our group, Troy, is talking about picking up Terra Mystica, which I wouldn’t mind at all!

As always, let me know if you would like to sit down and play some games like this. Fun and challenging, it’s a great way to spend an evening!

Weekend gaming – 12-13-2014

It was the second Saturday of the month, so you know what that means:

Seward Game Night!

Seward Game Night - December
You could be here!

As usual, we had a pretty good turn out. Maybe 30 – 40 people. For a few us, we were there for one reason and one reason only: to play Fire & Ice, the new expansion to Terra Mystica. A couple friends, Phil and Donna, picked up the expansion recently and said they would have it there.

When we got there, Donna wasn’t there yet and Phil wasn’t able to jump in right away as he had other things to tend to, so Jason, Lora and I descended on that beautiful box like kids going after presents on Christmas morning.

After a quick reading up on the three new factions and rules, we all decided to play one of the new factions. Lora went with the Alcolytes, Jason took the Riverwalkers and I chose the Yetis.

The great thing about the Yetis is that they need less power to use the Actions on the game board and, even better, they can use any of those Actions, even if they’ve already been used. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve desperately needed coins or workers, only to have someone else swoop in and take that Action before me.

Terra Mystica
The white tokens are mine.

However, you have to build your Stronghold to get that special ability, so I went directly for that. Unfortunately that over-extended my resources and I never really recovered. Jason with his Riverwalkers waded to victory by a very large margin, leaving me in the cold.

Terra Mystica
I lost, but I put up a good fight.

After that, Phil, anxious to get in a game with us, joined as we reset the board. This time we drew factions at random (“Come on Darklings!”, I exclaimed) and I wound up with the red faction, so that meant choosing either the Giants or the Chaos Magicians. I’ve played Giants a couple of times and did okay with them, but since I had never played the Chaos Magicians, I gave them a try. It did not go well.

Terra Mystica
Not looking good…

Being restricted on resources right away doesn’t help, but their special ability once the Stronghold is built is that they can take two actions in one turn. Having over-reached the previous game, I decided to go a bit slower and build up resources to capitalize on that ability. It took until the fourth round before I could build my Stronghold. By that time I had been pretty much cut off, with a total of five buildings on the board. Five! Sure, I had founded a town, but I was well boxed in. Unable to advance my shipping to reach the nearest open hex or draw enough resources to terraform and build, I was stuck.

By the time the final scoring was done, Phil came out in the lead, with Jason not too far behind him. Lora almost made it to triple digits and took third place. I wasn’t even around the second corner of the scoring track.

Terra Mystica
Yeah, couldn’t even put up a good fight this time.

The Chaos Magicians could be pretty powerful, but it looks like you have to hit the right bonus tiles at the right time while building in a certain way. They definitely bear a second look.

Once the game was put away, we had about an hour left, so Phil taught the three of us how to play Red7 (no, no space in between the word and number). It’s a card game where you have to be winning at the end of your turn, and you do that by playing cards or changing the rules, or both. It’s a really interesting game and can give you brain cramps. More than once one of us would think we were out, but by walking through the cards we would find a way to stay alive.

Somehow I managed to win every turn and scored more than the requisite 30 points to end the game. After the drubbing of the two Terra Mystica games, it was a nice finish to the evening. That game is definitely on my radar now.

Even though we don’t get in as many games as we used to, it makes night like this even more special.

Before I close, I want thank Jason and Lora for the Christmas present! Very kind of you and I appreciate it!

It’s a game, in case you were wondering. But really, was there any question about that?

See you at the game table!

500 posts

In looking over a few things on the back-end of this blog, I saw that the number of published posts was right at 500. Five hundred posts. Sure, there are blogs out there that have been running for years and they’ve probably crossed the five hundred thousand mark. For my little corner of the cyber-void, five hundred is a pretty cool number to reach.

Five hundred times I’ve sat down, written about what might have been going on in my life or whatever random thought popped into my head and then published it for all the world to see. Some posts have really resonated with people, garnering a lot of views and comments; some have slipped quietly into the archives with barely a blip on the radar. Some posts are still being viewed, even though they were posted over a year ago, because people come across them through a Google search.

Some posts that have been written have been incredibly personal; some have been little more than my brain simply dumping information. Some I’m really proud of, some I wish I had passed on writing.

There have been times, in the history of this blog, when there was a new post every day and there have been times with large gaps. One of those gaps lasted several months.

There have been format changes and even a change in the name. New themes, new layouts, new fonts; all as I searched for how things should look and feel. Much like life, things are always changing around here. No doubt they’ll continue to change, but those changes should be subtle from here on out.

Hopefully somewhere in these posts you’ve found something that entertained you or gave you a moment of reflection or, at the very least, didn’t leave you feeling that you wasted your time in stopping by for a visit.

As much as I would like to write something profound or poignant at this milestone, it’s just going to be this small nod as it goes past.

Will there be another five hundred? Who can tell? The future is uncertain.

I’ll keep writing and posting and we’ll see what the future brings.

Wednesday night gaming – 12-10-2014

Last Wednesday a few of us got together for some games and had a pretty good time. So good, in fact, that we decided to do it again last night. After last night’s gaming session, we’re talking about making this a regular thing. And I’m perfectly happy with that!

Last night there were four of us: me, Troy, Kathy and Chuck. We had talked last week about playing Zombicide, so a scenario was chosen that was listed as “Axes & Alleys; Medium, 4+ players, 60 minutes”. What a crock. Should have been called “Mission: You’re Getting Your Butt Handed to You on a Plate; Practically Impossible, As Many Players As You Can Get (And It Still Won’t Be Enough), 90+ Minutes”. We played this one twice.

The first time it didn’t take too long for things to escalate out of control. We lost two players about halfway through, so we simply had them respawn. Problem was, the respawn point was blocked by Walkers and Runners, so respawning pretty much meant instant death. We moved the respawn point, but it only delayed the inevitable.

During one Spawn Phase we had to place Walkers and none were left in the box, so they all got another turn. It didn’t end well for us. We were already swarmed, so the extra activation meant wounds for everyone.

Even though we had been devoured on this scenario, we decided to give it another shot. This time we approached things a bit more cautiously and stayed together. It was looking pretty good until the Molotov cocktail got thrown into the middle of horde. Granted, the Abomination was there and we had to take him out, but that pushed one of our players up into the orange zone on their card, so zombie spawns got a lot more interesting.

Things started out so well

And by interesting, I mean really bad news for us.

We moved through a building and played a waiting game as the shambling horde moved to the only open door. We were in the back of the building and, when the time was right, we kicked open the back door. Out into the street we went, guns blazing and blades slashing. We took out a large group and made our way to the next building. We didn’t have the door open yet, but we knew if we could get inside, we would be okay.

Playing the waiting game…

We didn’t make it.

Sorry, should I have posted “Spoiler” there?

As we were waiting to open the door, the horde closed in on us. We figured with one person dual-wielding SMGs and another dual-wielding machetes, we should be able to cut them down, pop the door and get to safety.

“Ummm….guys….there are a lot of them coming.”

Unfortunately during the Spawn Phase, we once again ran out of Walkers. When we had to place seven (seven!) of them and didn’t have any, they all got an extra turn and proceeded to satisfy their craving for the living on our various personages and appendages.

“Choke on ‘em!”

By then it was getting late, so we started packing up the game. As we did, we discussed our strategies and what we could have done differently. I told them it was a sign that a game was really good if you’re still discussing it after it’s been put away.

We decided we’re going to play that scenario again sometime and we will beat it.

Overall, a great evening filled with fun and good conversation.

And, as always, if you want to get in on playing some of these wonderful and fun games, let me know!

6Months (3) – Week 5

So I’ve missed updating a few weeks now. No excuse for it; just didn’t get around to it. I’m still going, though, even if it’s been kind of rough.

The biggest obstacle I keep running into is the nutrition side of things. For the most part I’m eating healthy, but I seem to fall back into the unhealthy habits a lot easier than I used to. It’s something I’ll keep working on. My progress should be further along, but things like the Colorado trip and the holidays slowed me way down.

I also found myself struggling with sticking to the workout routine. Not sure why, but I changed things up and started a program that I’ve been thinking about doing for a couple years now. It’s pretty intense, so I’ve held off doing it until now. Surprisingly, I’m keeping up with it and feeling pretty good. I’m only a couple weeks into it so far and it’s a twelve week program.

So here’s to focusing on my goals and making real progress this week!


Starting weight (pounds): 247.2
Starting BF%: 27.5

Current weight: 241.6
Current BF%: 27.0

Weight: -5.6
BF%: -0.5

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